North America Tour Marks a New Chapter of Expansion for Henrik Villumsen Lawfirm

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law firm

New York, September 12, 2023 – Today, the Henrik Villumsen Lawfirm, a renowned international firm specializing in intellectual property within the lighting industry, confirmed the sustained ascent in its business trajectory. The firm continues to play a pivotal role in aiding Signify-licensees with the renegotiation of the “Enabled” LED patent license agreement, as documented extensively in a recent article on EdisonReport.

The driving force behind this impressive growth, as stated by Henrik Villumsen, is “the continually increasing roster of Signify-licensees and the expansion of Signify patents, resulting in a significantly amplified demand for our expert services.”  This growth phenomenon is present globally, with a pronounced emphasis in North America. Consequently, Villumsen has scheduled client consultations across various states including Illinois, Nevada, Michigan, California, Texas, New Jersey, and New York, in addition to visits in Canada through September and potentially beyond. Interested parties are encouraged to make contact at [email protected].

About Henrik Villumsen Lawfirm

Headed by Henrik Villumsen, the law firm stands as a beacon of expertise in the lighting industry’s commercial contract and intellectual property landscape. A Danish attorney-at-law, Villumsen holds law degrees from Denmark, Norway, and the UK, boasting a robust practice in intellectual property law since 1994.

Since immersing himself in the international lighting industry in 2007, Villumsen has demonstrated unparalleled expertise and deep industry knowledge. His tenure as the general counsel for a prominent entertainment lighting manufacturer, a Signify (formerly Philips) LED patent licensee, afforded him immediate involvement with Signify LED patents. His experience has since expanded, offering guidance to over 300 luminaire manufacturers and various entities globally in navigating the vast expanse of nearly 5000 patents within Signify’s “Enabled” LED patent licensing program, culminating in the successful renegotiation of hundreds of license agreements.