Lighting the Way: A Quick Look into the 3rd Annual ArchLIGHT Summit

Picture of objects with vivid colors
TM-30 Hands-on Display at ArchLIGHT Summit

Your humble editor attended the 3rd Annual ArchLIGHT Summit earlier this week in Dallas.  It was a quick trip because I am headed to London for the Recolight Circular Lighting show.  I spent a lot of time on education, specifically with Tony Esposito, Founder and Head Research Scientist at Lighting Research Solutions.  He offered training on TM-30 which was well received and well-attended.

Tony and I also had a great discussion about circadian entrainment.  Face-to-face discussions with educators like Tony is one of the benefits of the ArchLight Summit.

The show continues to grow with more exhibitors and more registered attendees. There were several lighting designers at the WILD party on Monday night–always a good sign.