Happy Circadian Hour

Circadian Hour
Circadian Hour

A CPD and networking opportunity to learn about current understanding and new insights into lighting and the body clock.

London – On 20 November, lighting designers are invited for an informative and entertaining evening in London, focusing on the subject of Circadian Entrainment. The event, hosted by Atrium LTD at their showroom, features renowned expert Dr. Shelley James in collaboration with Randy Reid, publisher of designing lighting global (dlg) magazine.

The evening will commence at 18:00 offering guests the opportunity to enjoy drinks and a variety of appetizers. At 18:30 Dr. James will lead the discussion, focusing on the current understanding, benchmarks, and new developments in the field of circadian entrainment.

A panel of industry professionals including Ulysse Dormoy, Colin Ball, and others, will follow her presentation. Once the panel concludes, attendees will be invited to play a creative game to celebrate their personal Happy Circadian Hour.

Dr. James explained, “Scientific understanding of how light affects the body clock is moving at warp speed. This session will be an opportunity for professionals to discover the ‘known knowns’ and the ‘known unknowns’ so that they can interpret standards and specifications with a critical eye.  They will learn about how their genes shape their chronotype and learn how they can make friends with their inner lion or dolphin to get a better night’s sleep, be more productive, and cope with the winter blues.”

Reid stated, “While there is no complete agreement on metrics for circadian entrainment, there is widespread consensus on the benefits of brighter days and darker nights.” Reid suggests that the current moment is opportune for lighting designers to incorporate circadian principles into their designs.

According to Dormoy, “This session offers a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of circadian rhythms and their relationship with light and how to unlock the potential to optimise daily routines, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being through the strategic use of light.”

Event Details:

Who: Lighting Designers

What: Happy Circadian Hour 

When: 20 NOV, starting at 18:00

Where: Atrium LTD, 28 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4BY

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The event is sponsored by: LMPG

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