Signify Announces Price Increase, but Why?

Signify HQ in Eindhoven
Signify HQ in Eindhoven
Signify announced a price increase on 1 NOV. Initially I did a double-take as it seemed like an announcement from 1 NOV 2013, not 2023. The declaration mentioned reductions in prices for Advance Electronic Fluorescent and Electronic HID ballasts, along with a subset of Genlyte brands made-to-order portfolio.The letter also references price decreases.


Although your humble editor did quite well in the eHID ballast business almost two decades ago, it seems to have all but disappeared from current discourse. 

In the face of an uncertain economy, it’s perhaps a strategic move to announce a price increase on a product that has faded from relevance.

Will this price increase stick? I am not sure anyone cares!

Pricing Announcement November 1, 2023