Pompeo August

The Guardian Investigates the Unpopularity of Overhead Lights with Insight from Dr. Mariana Figueiro

Overhead Lights
Zephyr18 from Getty Images, Abstract blurred office interior background, Canva, 11/10/23,

In The Guardian’s exploration of the widely disliked overhead lights, highlights their unflattering nature and the negative sentiments associated with them. Citing TikTok trends and personal anecdotes, the piece discusses the preference for alternative, softer lighting options.

Professional insights from Young Huh, an interior designer, emphasize the drawbacks of overhead lights, such as their exhausting brightness. Huh recommends a layered lighting approach for a more pleasant ambiance throughout the day.

Dr. Mariana Figueiro, a lighting expert, contributes her perspective on the potential disruption of circadian rhythms caused by overhead lights. She suggests warmer lights for a more acceptable environment, aligning with the overall critique presented in the article.

Read The Guardian’s full article here

[Note: This summary is a paraphrased version of the original article from The Guardian by Madeleine Aggeler, dated November 9, 2023.]