IESNYC: Become a 2024 IESNYC Event and Educational Sponsor

Jerry_Kugler IESNYC
Jerry_Kugler IESNYC

We are thrilled to invite you to be a part of our mission to ignite positive change within the lighting community. With the continued support of sponsors like you, we can make a lasting impact on the industry’s growth.

Together, we are Moving in the Bright Direction!

We have launched this year’s campaign in the spirit of unity and progress. We recognize the challenges we’ve faced, but we’re choosing to focus on positive strides forward. By joining with us, you become a beacon of change. Come, help us create a future that is brighter and more inclusive.

We are delighted to introduce Jerry Kugler as our 2024 Sponsorship Campaign Spokesperson. With his extensive experience in the lighting industry, Jerry’s career exemplifies the values of diversity, innovation, and progress that we stand for.

“Inspiration may strike, but applied innovation evolves over time and can only be achieved with the input of others. The IESNYC draws upon a community whose differences are among its greatest assets. Though each of us brings unique cultural, personal, and life experiences, it is the collaborative potential of this community that enables the art and science of lighting to progress. Through my 40-plus year career in lighting, the best projects succeed as the result of a diverse group of designers working together, each of us with a unique vision, striving toward a common goal. We learn from each other, adjusting our thinking and creating something new. These experiences have contributed to my personal and professional growth and broadened my perspective. Through a constancy of change, through inclusion of many voices, I look forward to solutions yet to come and the potential for a brighter future.”

Let’s join forces and light the path to positive change together.

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