Signify Reorganization Does not Affect US Leadership; Signify and Cooper Lighting Solutions Retain Independence

Signify has announced the initiation of a significant reorganization, which commenced this December and is projected to extend through 2024. This strategic restructuring is anticipated to yield annual savings surpassing €200 million. EdisonReport  was first to report these potential changes in our 5 OCT article, “The Talk in Eindhoven.”

Despite the reorganization, it is expected that Cooper Lighting Solutions will maintain its autonomy under Kraig Kasler’s leadership. Similarly, Kevin Poyck’s business under Signify is projected to remain distinct and continue to be a competitor to Cooper.

A Signify representative has confirmed to the EdisonReport that the current market structure will be assimilated into newly established vertical business segments. According to the spokesperson, “The current market setup will be integrated into the new vertical businesses. As named in the press release, three of these will focus on customers: Professional, OEM, and Consumer. The fourth will be dedicated to conventional lighting technologies.”

Further confirmation was provided that the end-to-end Genlyte and Cooper Lighting Solutions (CLS) business units will retain their independence within the Professional business category.