The Talk in Eindhoven

Signify HQ in Eindhoven
Signify HQ in Eindhoven

We are hearing rumblings out of Eindhoven…

Your humble editor has been told of discussions in Eindhoven about a potential reorganization of Signify’s management framework. Presently, Signify’s structure emphasizes business market combinations, where the lead role is held by the country manager. For instance, in North America, the reins are in the hands of Kevin Poyck, who serves as the President of Signify Americas. The discussions concern elevating the significance of business unit managers over their country or region counterparts. As a result, some existing country managers might find themselves in new roles or even departing from their current positions.

There is a second discussion taking place that another European company may take a stake, or already has begun buying a stake, in Signify.

On 21 JUN 2021, Signify’s stock price was at $53.34. Today, it is in the $24 range.

We reached out to Signify last night and again this morning, but have not heard back.