Bridgelux Introducing the Future of Lighting: Revolutionary RGBW LED Products

Bridgelux is thrilled to announce the launch of our cutting-edge LED products, RGBW 3838 package and RGBW CSP COB Array, designed to revolutionize the way we experience light. These innovative products offer a unique combination of vivid colors and true-to-life white light, which can be tuned to mimic the sun’s natural color from 1800K to 12000K throughout the day.

RGBW 3838 package:

Our 0.5-1W RGBW 3838 LED package features four colors in one (RGBW), allowing for the creation of any mixed color light. The true highlight of this product is its ability to produce white light along the blackbody locus similar to the sun’s natural color at different times of the day. This feature enables users to experience a more natural and dynamic lighting environment, from the warm glow of sunrise to the cool tones of noon.

Bridgelux also offers module products using 3838 packages including circular 55mm for downlight, Linear 24mm x 560mm or 1120mm for fixtures, and flexible strips 10mm x 5000mm linear lighting.


Available in two sizes, 10mm and 13mm, our RGBW CSP Array offers a range of power options from 10-15W and 20-25W, respectively. These powerful arrays can produce an impressive 1000-1500lm and 2000-3000lm of light output, making them ideal for both color and white lighting applications. Like the RGBW 3838, the RGBW CSP COB Array also provides users with the ability to tune the white light along the blackbody locus, ensuring a natural and comfortable lighting experience in addition to producing vivid color light. CSP COB Array holders with optics combinations are available to support our customer demands.

Key Features:

  1. Four-color RGBW LED package for a wide range of color and white light options
  2. Tunable white light along the blackbody locus for a more natural lighting experience
  3. High-power arrays for optimal spot brightness and efficiency
  4. Perfect for both color and white lighting applications

To deploy our RGBW products to the market rapidly, partnering with Signify, Bridgelux has developed four-channel constant current drivers with a build-in WiZ module. All of our RGBW products can be commissioned with the WiZ App and are ready to use. Our RGBW strip products can be tuned also by IR remote drivers, WiZ modules with constant voltage drivers, or Wiz modules with standard DC plugin power supplies.

“With the launch of our RGBW LED products, Bridgelux is redefining the standard for LED lighting, offering a superior and customizable experience for all users. Experience the future of lighting today with our revolutionary RGBW 3838 and RGBW CSP Array.” says Dr. Yi-Qun Li, CEO of Bridgelux.

For more information on our new products or to place an order, please visit our website or email [email protected].                                                                                                     

About Bridgelux

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