Innovation and Expansion: An Interview with Tom Lillie, Executive Director of WAC and Modern Forms

At LEDucation, your humble editor sat down with Tom Lillie, the Executive Director of WAC and Modern Forms. 

Discussing their innovative offerings, Tom shed light on Color Scaping, a groundbreaking concept in landscaping design. He highlighted the uniqueness of their control system, which utilizes existing wiring, eliminating the need for extensive rewiring. This 12-volt system, coupled with their transformative technology, enables effortless color transformations, albeit with some secrecy surrounding the technology specifics.

Introducing Aether Atomic: Pushing Boundaries in Downlight Design

Tom unveiled the Aether Atomic, a high-powered downlight boasting over 1100 delivered lumens. With customizable trim options and a newly introduced wall wash version, the Aether Atomic series continues to push boundaries in downlight design. Notably, its remote driver capability allows for flexible installation, up to 250 feet away, ensuring versatility and ease of use.

Tom highlighted their commitment to innovation across their product lines, including decorative pieces and ceiling fans. Noteworthy is their focus on nature-inspired designs, evident in their extensive display featuring Spanish alabaster, woods, leathers, and crystals. Additionally, their ceiling fan collection continues to thrive in the commercial sector, catering to diverse hospitality and multifamily projects.

Celebrating Milestones and Looking Ahead

As our conversation concluded, Tom extended warm wishes to WAC on their 40th anniversary, highlighting the enduring legacy of innovation and excellence. With a nod to the past and a vision for the future, WAC and Modern Forms remain steadfast in their commitment to shaping the landscape of lighting design.