Signify’s Latest Move in Ongoing Patent Dispute with Menard

In the ongoing legal battle detailed in the recent court filings, Signify North America Corporation and Signify Holding B.V. are continuing their aggressive litigation against Menard Inc. This conflict centers around allegations of patent infringement concerning LED products sold under the Menard brand. The case, documented as Case No: 3:22-cv-00706-jdp, recently saw Signify pushing for an amendment to their infringement contentions to include additional products that Menard had not previously disclosed during discovery.

The recent motion filed by Signify highlights a significant dispute over discovery practices and the management of patent infringement claims. Signify argues that Menard has failed to demonstrate any real prejudice from the inclusion of additional products in the infringement allegations, emphasizing that these products share the same technical characteristics as those initially accused. The litigation underlines a critical strategic move by Signify, aiming to ensure all infringing products are identified to accurately calculate potential damages.

Menard’s defense centers around the claim of prejudice due to the late inclusion of new products in the legal proceedings. However, Signify counters this by detailing their systematic approach to uncovering the scope of alleged infringement, despite what they describe as Menard’s lack of cooperation in the discovery process. According to Signify, this has included extensive reverse engineering of over 1200 Menard-branded LED products. On 17 APR, we wrote about Menard’s complaint that Signify was piling on.  

Signify’s legal filings also stress the importance of judicial directives previously issued, which have mandated Menard to comply with discovery obligations. They argue that any delay in amending the infringement contentions does not serve justice, pointing out that the court’s prior orders were meant to prevent such obstructions and ensure a comprehensive evaluation of all potentially infringing products.

The court’s upcoming decisions in this case could have significant implications for both parties. For Menard, a ruling unfavorable to them could lead to increased liability and further scrutiny of their product sourcing and patent compliance strategies. For Signify, success in this motion could not only potentially increase the damages awarded but also reinforce their stance on protecting their intellectual property rights vigorously.

As the case progresses, the legal community and businesses in similar sectors will be watching closely, as the outcomes could set precedents for how discovery-related disputes and patent infringement contentions are handled in complex litigation involving a large number of products.

Read the Signify response below: