Key Exhibitors Sign Up for LightFair 2025 Booth Space

LightFair 2025 Booth Space Registration and Pricing Updates

LightFair has been diligently working with previous vendors to secure booth space for the upcoming LightFair 2025 show, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from 4-8 May. 

General Sales for LightFair 2025 opened today, at $47 per square foot. Existing exhibitors have been able to secure space at $46 per square foot and the standard pricing is set at $48 per square foot. Again this year, LightFair has utilized its point system to determine the priority of registration. However the selections are now done in groups/rounds with companies who have comparable priority points given a week to pick their spots. After that week, selection is open to the next group and on and on.  For example, a long-time exhibitor secured their booth in early April, while my smaller company, LumEfficient, with fewer points, had the opportunity to only book on 30 May. This policy ensures that loyal exhibitors not only receive priority in booking, which is customary but also benefit from a lower rate—a refreshing change.

Screenshot Showing LightFair 2025 MAP as of 2 JUN 2024
Screenshot Showing LightFair 2025 MAP as of 2 JUN 2024


It appears that many existing exhibitors are opting for moderately sized booths. However, a notable new entrant, the “German Zone,” has registered the largest booth space at an impressive 4000 square feet. It’s interesting to note the designation as the German Zone rather than the European Zone.  With the new show manager, Messe Frankfurt, it will be interesting to see which German companies exhibit.

LEDVANCE and Keystone are two key exhibitors that have registered for large booths, occupying 3600 and 2500 square feet, respectively. SATCO has secured 2000 square feet, while TCP, WAC, and Edison Price each have 1500 square feet of booth space. Other notable companies include Espen and Inventronics at 600 square feet, A.L.P. and LEDRA Brands at 400 square feet, and PureEdge Lighting at 200 square feet.

Additionally, there has been some discussion regarding fixed drayage costs, and we anticipate learning more about this in the near future.

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