IESNYC Presents Spec Sheets Best Practices

Spec Sheets Best Practices

Spec Sheets and Product Info Best Practices

On 12 June, from 6:00-7:30 PM, a virtual panel titled “Spec Sheets and Product Info Best Practices” will explore effective strategies for presenting lighting products in an increasingly digital marketplace. Hosted by the IESNYC, the session will address the differences between product catalogs and specification sheets, emphasizing their necessity and optimization for clarity and utility. Panelists will discuss essential information for the first page of any specification sheet and evaluate the continued relevance of physical literature in an online world. Additionally, they will examine methods for comparing product performance and the potential advantages of physical mockups versus visual representations in conveying lighting intent.

The expert panel includes Petra Yriberri, a global marketing and sales leader, Tom Simon from Juniper Design Group, known for expertise in aesthetics and modularity, and Ryan Fisher, founder of illuminico, focusing on service and transparency. Adrienne Shulman from ERCO Lighting will provide insights from her experience in theatrical and architectural lighting, while Randy Sabedra, principal of RS Lighting Design, and Jim Conti, an independent lighting designer with notable NYC projects, will share their extensive knowledge in lighting design. Moderated by Jessie Grillo, Inside Sales Manager at ORA Lighting & Controls, this event, hosted by the New York City Lighting Council (NYCLC), promises valuable perspectives on best practices in lighting product presentations and the effective use of emerging technologies.

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