Going Dark: Lighting Design Workshop in Tuscany

Going Dark Workshop

Following on from last years successful launch of the Going Dark Workshop concept, Traverso Vighy and Light Collective are jointly organising version 2 of the workshop in the heart of Tuscany to exploring lighting design for heritage spaces that also enable us to preserve darkness and the view of the night sky.

Traverso Vighy is an architectural practice based in Italy, passionate about sustainability and nature. Light Collective is a UK based creative consultancy that specialises in international events with light at the heart of its work. Both companies are passionate about light and darkness and educating how to ensure they work well together to both reveal architecture and preserve the night sky.

The event will take place in Monteriggioni, a medieval castle town along the Via Francigena pilgrim track connecting Canterbury to Rome and 3km further along the rural track is the monastery village of Abbadia a Isola. This tiny village is a heritage preserve and the focus of the workshop is to help create the right lighting approach throughout.

The event comprises a number of objectives including a workshop/living lab scenario where participants can work together on site to experiment with lighting approaches and measurement techniques to create and demonstrate responsible approaches to lighting. There is an opportunity to learn about the history of the village, to discover and view the night sky with a local astronomy group, explore how to design in this kind of environment with its inherent issues and also to learn about exemplar projects, technology and case studies.

Participants will get practical and hands-on playing with light and luminaires, learning about glare control, proper optics, appropriate colour temperature, dimming and control thus expanding their lighting portfolio and producing one or more exemplar solutions in a team for a site that will be documented and published in order to promote this approach to lighting design and widen the useable knowledge for the general public.. Participants also get to stay for two nights in the monastery located within the village and participate in a candle lit night in Monteriggioni with star gazing and a moonlit walk as part of the experience.

By inviting the local administration to be involved, the event aims to raise awareness about light pollution and promote responsible lighting practices within the region. Also to encourage individuals and organisations to take steps to reduce light pollution by using appropriate lighting fixtures, reducing unnecessary outdoor lighting and understanding about the negative impacts of light pollution on wildlife, human health and the environment.

It is a chance to be part of an intimate and exclusive experience in the unpolluted night sky of Tuscany. Going Dark aims to promote the town, the co-existence of light, architecture and darkness proving it is possible to celebrate architectural heritage whilst also considering and therefore protecting the night sky. The ultimate goal is to preserve the natural beauty of the night sky and ensure that everyone can enjoy it for generations to come.

Use this link to sign up and to find out more information: events.lightcollective.net/GoingDark

There is a cost to participate in the workshop of 180 Euros which includes the accommodation and the various meals.

Going Dark is working with a number of supporters to provide the best equipment and experience to the participants.  Digimax and Studio Due Group will be providing technical, installation and lighting control support and luminaires will be provided by Led Linear, L&L Luce & Light, Simes,   Thorn Lighting and We-ef.

It is also supported by ROLAN, Comune di Monteriggioni, Osservatorio Astronomico Università di Siena, AD 1213, Associazione Amici del Castello, Unione Astrofili Senesi, the Tuscany Environment Foundation and LUCE magazine.









Photo credit: Matteo De Bernardini