DLC Controls Summit 2024: Advancing Integrated Lighting Solutions

DLC Controls Summit 2024

The DLC Controls Summit 2024, scheduled for October 15 – 16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, aims to explore the integration of lighting controls with building systems, focusing on maximizing energy efficiency. Participants will delve into the benefits of incorporating networked lighting controls (NLCs) with HVAC systems, highlighting potential energy savings of up to 30%.

This summit is essential for DLC members, energy efficiency professionals, and utility program implementers looking to stay abreast of advancements in NLC technology. Discussions will revolve around strategies to overcome barriers and optimize energy savings through integrated lighting and HVAC systems. Building system integrators and consulting engineers will find valuable insights and tools to enhance NLC adoption and integration processes, facilitating smoother installations and improved operational efficiency.

Manufacturers of lighting controls will have the opportunity to engage with industry stakeholders, contributing to product development and addressing installation challenges. Installers and trade allies can share practical experiences to refine program implementations and ensure seamless installations in diverse settings.

Facility managers attending the summit will gain practical knowledge on integrating NLCs into existing building infrastructure, enhancing energy efficiency and cost savings. The event offers early bird registration until September 15, 2024, providing a cost-effective opportunity for professionals to network, learn, and collaborate on advancing lighting control technologies.

For more information on registration, venue details at The Westin Milwaukee, and sponsorship opportunities, visit the DLC Controls Summit 2024 website. Attendees can expect adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols, ensuring a secure and productive event environment.