50th IESNYC Lumen Gala: The Fashion Report!

June 20, 2018 [addtoany]

New York–JUN 21 2018–Nine hundred beautiful people gathered on June 14 at Chelsea Piers for the 2018 Lumen Awards. It was the Golden (50th) Anniversary of this illustrious event.

The first theme noted by this self-appointed Fashion Editor for the EdisonReport was GOLD.

Clara Powell with Cooledge Lighting was stunning in a gold lace fitted dress. She is pictured with John Sarkioglu of Lighting Design Collaborative.


Also carrying forward the gold theme was Gary Dulanaki in his fabulous gold coat and tie. He is pictured with Susan Brady of Susan Brady Lighting Design.


Wearing a lovely sparkly gold skirt,Jacquelyn Carcan with Tillotson Design Associates, carried out the 50th Anniversary theme while her friend, Whitney Mire, both with Talika Design, wore a lovely black dress with gold accents.


Fritz Ta (a previous Edison Report Fashion Report honoree) with Johnson Schwinghammer appeared in his dashing gold shoes. Pictured with Fritz is Lindsay Johnson with Bold in a beautifully BOLD green dress and Delkash Shahriaria of the Dulanski Group wearing gold sparkles.

Kaci Stigliano of SLS wore a very pretty gold dress with netting and sequins.


I had to have my photo taken with Megan Carroll of New York Digital because she always looks so fabulous. This year was no exception, as she wore a gold sequined sleeveless top with black pants.


The best representation of the Golden theme was James O’Blaney in his shiny gold suit that began as a group lamp “dance” on stage. James rocked the shiny gold tight pants and shirt and kept the crowd interested in the awards ceremony.

Natahalie Faubert with Cline, Bertridge, Bernstein Lighting Design, Inc. wore a lovely gold silk shift with embellishments.



Another theme was floral.

Vanessa Ferguson with Lutron Electronics wore a beautiful floral v-neck gown. She is pictured with Reisha Duarte, an interior designer, in the ever-popular little black dress.


Rachel Bauer, a rep for Illuminations, looked gorgeous in a mixed floral dress.

Jessica Kaller with SLS and Noele Deleon with WeWork, posed outside along the river. They both look lovely.

I was pleased to be seated at the Amerlux table next to Jordan Thomes who is an intern with Kugler Ning Lighting Design. Jordan is obviously a fashionista and we discussed how her red dress reminded us of a Carrie Bradshaw outfit. We also talked about the sadness of the recent death of fashion icon, Kate Spade.


Speaking of red:


Amy Huan with HLF pulled off a bright red jumpsuit.


Nicolas Dufils with L’Observatiore International choose to wear red high tops to complete his look. He is pictured with Tanner Chee, stylish in his black and gold.

Some other fashion standouts were:


Anne Lindeberg with Light Abilities and Charlie Starner with Star Lighting both sported leopard print for the event.

I absolutely love men in Seersucker. Al Borden with The Lighting Practice looked like a southern gentleman (he’s from Philadelphia) in his seersucker suit.

Renaldo Pesson with E4H was dashing in his white jacket, sunglasses, scarf, and other accessories.


Another fantastic jumpsuit was worn by Golnaz Abadian with Waldi Studio. Also pictured is Estefania Diaz with Ventresca design in a trendy black dress with open shoulders.


Melissa Deutsch of Stan Deutsch Associates looked smashing in her navy dress, necklace, and Kelly green shoulder bag. The fashion editor believes Ms. Deutsch’s time at spin class has paid off for her.

We were unable to see everyone in the huge crowd at Chelsea Piers and we are sure there were many other fashionable attendees, but these were the standouts for us. Although I am a divorce attorney by trade, I love my side “job” attempting to be a fashion journalist once a year for my husband’s company, The EdisonReport.

Finally, while there are many spectacular lighting events, the Lumen Awards is the best! The New York IES Section goes above and beyond to make this event a tribute to the hard work of many lighting professionals and to celebrate the best in class!

Author:  Lori Thomas Reid