“Axis feeds North America:” The Latest Public Service Project from Axis Lighting

June 8, 2020 [addtoany]

With a long history of philanthropic initiatives, Axis Lighting has launched its “Axis feeds North America” program and is calling upon the lighting community to help.

The COVID-19 crisis has left families across the country facing food insecurity—40% of them for the first time. In fact, Feeding America estimates 54 million Americans and 1 in 4 children do not know where their next meal will come from. The mission of “Axis feeds North America” is to provide food relief to these vulnerable people.

There are two ways to support this project. Firstly, Axis is fundraising through Charidy and will match every monetary donation dollar-for-dollar. Additionally, Axis will donate $2 (equivalent to 8 meals!) for every registered participant in their 2020 presentations and events. 100% of these funds will go towards feeding families in need.

Axis has set their first fundraising goal at $36,000, a tribute to Chai, the Hebrew word for “life.”  Chai has a numerical value of 18, with Jews often donating in multiples of $18. On that account, Axis aims to raise 2x Chai.

“For a little fun we are having a competition between regions of North America, as to which region helps us raise the most funds,” says Howard Yaphe, CEO of Axis Lighting.

As the pandemic stretches on, more and more families are facing food insecurity. Find out more at https://www.charidy.com/axisfeedsnorthamerica.