Be Careful What You Wish For…

Another day, another tradeshow is gone. In the past three days, three shows have been cancelled:  IES Annual Conference, LEDucation and now Strategies in Light.  Technically they are not cancelled, as they are moving online, but in my humble mind, they are be cancelled.

In 2019, I was on my soapbox, complaining about too many trade shows.  Two or three shows were all we need, I would tell anyone who would listen.   Today I would go to any show, even Light Show West, if they were still in business.

For me, trade shows and conferences aren’t about sitting in a class and learning.  They are about talking to people, shaking hands, sometimes a hug, laughing, selling, looking for feedback.   Most importantly, they are about having fun with longtime friends, who I miss terribly.  I love to look at the beautiful products our industry produces. And I miss the dinners and the drinks, the late nights and the 7 am breakfast meetings.

I want to talk to Jim Benya face-to-face.  The first thing I always say to myself when I see Jim, is “Wow you are tall.”  I want to compare notes with peers Paul Tarricone and Maury Wright.  I want blisters on my feet from standing and walking ten hours a day.  I want to finally meet Sam Korbel in person.  I want to thank our many advertisers and contributors.

I want to travel and eat out thank the many people who have influenced my career.

…and to think that I used to complain about too many trade shows.

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