Deco Lighting and Premium Quality Lighting Announce Strategic Alliance

updated at 3:15 EST, 6 APR 2021

Companies Ally to Offer the Most Complete and Innovative Lighting Solutions Platform

Deco Lighting (Deco) and Premium Quality Lighting (PQL) today announce the operational integration of product design, sourcing, and fulfillment activities that immediately creates the industry’s most cost-competitive and comprehensive lighting solutions platform.

PQL is a trusted and proven supplier of LED commercial and industrial lighting, featuring a wide range of products, less than one day turnaround, and demonstrated operational excellence.  Recognized for its high quality and affordable lighting products, PQL’s core competencies include product design, purchasing strength, and excellent customer service. Their network and customers benefit from industry-leading response times, stock levels and fulfillment rates.

Deco built its brand on being nimble, creative and first to market with differentiated product on the leading edge of new technology.  Recognized for its engineering ingenuity and excellent quality, Deco features a suite of innovative architectural products and recently launched its patented DecoMesh™ wireless lighting control, featuring IoT-ready fixtures that can be integrated into connected-lighting applications in minutes at a fraction of the cost and complexity of incumbent market alternatives.

The alliance between PQL and Deco will include process integration in buying, made-to-order manufacturing, product warehousing and inbound/outbound logistics.  This level of cooperation is designed to ensure optimum pricing and service levels for their respective sales partners and customers, while joint planning and engineering will ensure that they remain first-to-market with technology and product innovations.

Together, PQL and Deco can now address any segment of the commercial lighting market with clear cost and technology advantages, from a simple tube retrofit to the most sophisticated lighting specification. The PQL / Deco relationship provides an integrated national distribution footprint and approximately $20 million in on-hand inventory.

“It is rare that two companies come together with such clear synergy for the benefit of its customers,” stated Andy Sreden, Founder & CEO of PQL. “We have always prided ourselves on our ability to pivot quickly with the changing lighting market, while being able to provide premium service levels to our customers. We are energized by the technology and vision of Deco and see our collaboration as a means of bringing enhanced value and options to the markets we serve through joint development of differentiated products, as well as the opportunity to offer feature-laden and user-friendly lighting-control solutions.”

Sam Sinai, Co-Founder and CEO of Deco added “For the first time ever, we can propose on virtually any lighting specification from A to Z.  We can do so with a commercial advantage as our collaboration eliminates costly redundancies and optimizes product availability in a way our competition cannot. This, and the ability to write specifications around the patented out-of-the-box connected-lighting platform (DecoMesh™), will enable our channel partners to control even the most comprehensive lighting specifications within the segments they serve. The structure of our alliance now allows Deco to address quick ship and stock and flow transactions with operational excellence and best-in-class on time delivery and fulfillment. We are excited about what the relationship means to our loyal sales partners who have supported us through some difficult times and look forward to what our collective future holds.”

About Deco Lighting: Deco Lighting (Deco) is a California manufacturer of advanced lighting technologies to the commercial, institutional, and industrial segments in North America. Founded in 2005, the firm offers a full range of energy and architectural solutions LED fixtures plus a robust lighting control platform featuring an ecosystem of software, sensors, and patented wireless Bluetooth mesh LED drivers under the DecoMesh™ brand, delivering a scalable, IoT-ready controls platform that delivers exceptional value to Deco’s end-user, specifier, reseller, OEM, agent, and installer customers.

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About Premium Quality Lighting: Premium Quality Lighting (PQL), founded in 1989, is a manufacturer that designs and produces innovative lighting products with a focus on quality, affordability, efficiency, and sustainability. The company prioritizes investments in resources such as R&D, IT and Distribution to ensure that they are at the forefront of advancing technologies and service. The combination of excellence in quality and energy efficiency combined with the expansive knowledge and personalized service of a nationwide sales team has propelled PQL to a position of leadership in the lighting industry.

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