DLC Now Accepting SSL V5.0 Applications

February 19, 2020 [addtoany]

The DLC is pleased to announce that the SSL V5.0 product applications are now being accepted through the DLC Application Portal. Manufacturers may now use the V5.0 application form to submit new products for listing under V5.0 or to update V4.4 listed products to V5.0. View the timeline below and V5.0 & V5.1 Manufacturer and Industry Guidance for more details on application windows and delisting dates for V4.4, V5.0, and V5.1 products.

Submit a V5.0 Application

V5.0 & V5.1 Manufacturer and Industry Guidance

Technical Requirements V5.0

The first in a series of V5 policies, Technical Requirements V5.0 lays the groundwork to capture and promote continuing advances in energy-efficient technology so that maximum energy savings and user satisfaction are possible. 

  • Increases the efficacy of listed products with the pace of technology, without compromising quality of light.
  • Requires that virtually all listed indoor luminaires and retrofit kits are dimmable.

View Technical Requirements V5.0

Informational Webinar

  • A webinar to review Technical Requirements V5.0 and V5.1 will be held this Thursday, February 20 from 1:00 – 3:00pm EST. Join this webinar for an overview of the V5 policies and for in-depth information on their implementation.

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If you have any questions about submitting an application under SSL V5.0, please email applications@designlights.org