EdisonReport Announces the Launch of EdisonReport.tv

May 5, 2020 [addtoany]

May 5, 2020, Nashville, TN – With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to the postponement and cancellation of trade shows, EdisonReport launches EdisonReport.tv. The new website will serve as a platform for manufacturers to promote their products virtually through videos.

EdisonReport.tv is modeled after a trade show, with different halls for select industry niches and a main hall for featured videos. There is even a “Historical District” organizing videos by event and year. Additionally, the site allows visitors to view products by application and by exhibitor.

Randy Reid, Editor of the EdisonReport, explains, “Much video content has been created lately, and we are very excited to have a gathering place for all of the industry videos.” Not only will EdisonReport.tv act as a hub for product launches, educational videos and future webinars, it will also help companies to direct potential subscribers to their YouTube channels.

In order to post a video, simply email the YouTube URL, title of the video, and company name to admin@edisonreport.com. In the first 30 days, as EdisonReport builds the site’s database, each manufacturer can submit one video at no charge. From there, videos cost upwards of $100.

To explore the site and learn more about EdisonReport.tv, click here.

About EdisonReport.tv:

EdisonReport.tv delivers lighting industry news by way of video. A premier source for critical information surrounding lighting, EdisonReport.TV is dedicated to serving their audience by spotlighting product launches and up-to-date educational videos, as well as information about upcoming webinars.

EdisonReport.tv is an affiliate of EdisonReport.