EnergyWatch Teams Up with EdisonReport Providing Breaking News in the Electronic Lighting Industry

April 29, 2020, Colts Neck, NJ—Within the Lighting Industry, the EdisonReport represents the industry’s most unique informational and editorial presence.  It is a leading digital source for breaking news stories that might not be found through the conventional media. EdisonReport consistently delivers the news first and is one of the Industry’s most well-known and leading advocates for the industry.

EnergyWatch is now teaming up with the EdisonReport and effective today, EnergyWatch will be hosted by the EdisonReport.    It’s personal…… Bill Attardi and Randy Reid will continue to report the industry’s most pertinent news while sharing individual opinions as well as highlighting industry trends and best practices.  Both platforms will continue to focus on the people and companies at the forefront of the advanced technologies leading this transition to the electronic lighting industry.

EnergyWatch is now a member of the EdisonReport family of digital marketing platforms which include:

  • EdisonReport: Focused on the Business of Lighting™.
  • eu: Serving the European Lighting Community.
  • tv: Dedicated to providing the lighting industry a venue in which lighting manufacturers can present information in video format.
  • designing lighting (dl): Focused on the Business of Lighting Design™, supporting and advocating for the lighting design community.
  • Today in Lighting | Podcast on Spotify: A 90-second daily rundown of the most relevant and important news in lighting in a bite-sized format.
  • EnergyWatchNews:  Digital source for breaking news for the lighting and electrical industry.

The content of EnergyWatch on the EdisonReport website will include:

  1. The Blog/Editorial Page (to include the thoughts and opinions of the most qualified professionals in the industry)
  2. Industry News – posted by Bill Attardi
  3. Product Trends and Featured Products
    • Product Promotions
    • Product Showcase with video capability
  4. Monthly Summary – newsletter featuring all the highlights of the previous month
  5. Industry Resources to include:
    • Training
    • Case Studies
    • Research
    • Whitepapers

Bill Attardi is proud to have served three years in the US Army Security Agency (ASA) and in 1965 started his career in the lighting industry joining Westinghouse Lamp as a salesman in New York City.  What’s that song: “if you can make it there, you can make in anywhere”.  Well, learning to sell in NYC led to executive positions with Westinghouse, Philips, USI Lighting, and part-owner in Wellmade Products. In 1994, he founded Attardi Marketing, a strategic marketing consulting and training company.  EnergyWatch was a widely successful blog series started by Bill, then renamed EnergyWatch News in 2000.  It has evolved into a comprehensive knowledge, product and news resource for the dynamic electronic lighting industry. He has an MBA in marketing and is an Adjunct Professor at Monmouth University in New Jersey, teaching graduate and under-graduate marketing and management courses for over 20 years.

Randy Reid founded the EdisonReport in 1999. His career in the lighting industry has spanned over 30 years and he has been instrumental in shaping the lighting industry. He owns and manages LumEfficient, a company that sells energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the world. Randy has served as President of the IES (2001-2003) and has been a member of the Lightfair Management Committee and Advisory Committee. He was Chairman of the IES Annual Conference in 2010 and received the President’s Award in 2011 and 2020. Randy is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the US Army Reserve. He holds a BS in Business from the University of Alabama and an MBA from the University of Tennessee.

Working together, EnergyWatch and the EdisonReport are committed to continue to create, develop, and promote a knowledge resource for the electrical/electronic lighting industries, as well as drive awareness and demand for supplier lighting products and services. To present critical benefits to site visitors, to serve as an unbiased resource for industry information, act as an educational tool for the latest in technology and products, as well as provide visitors with pertinent electrical/electronic lighting industries news and information.

About EnergyWatchNews:

EnergyWatch is a comprehensive knowledge, product and news resource for the North American electrical industry’s manufacturers, distributors, energy service companies (ESCOs), contractors and facility professionals.  Energy efficiency and energy management have strongly emerged as mainstream facility and financial strategies for reducing energy costs and generating significant bottom-line ROI. There is tremendous growth potential for the technologies and the companies at the forefront of the energy management market.  You can learn about those companies, their products and services on EnergyWatch, your resource for information and news on the trends and best practices in the electrical industry. For more information, contact Bill Attardi at [email protected]

About the EdisonReport:

EdisonReport is a leading source for breaking news stories that might not be found through the conventional media. EdisonReport consistently delivers the news first and is one of the Industry’s most well-known and leading sources for news and information.

Within the Lighting Industry, EdisonReport represents the industry’s most unique information and editorial presence. To learn more about EdisonReport, contact the ER team here.

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