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March 5
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Layers of Light Residential & Hospitality
March 15th 12:00 PM EDT
Lighting plays a critical role in fostering safety, security, and a sense of welcome to residential and hospitality projects, especially after the sun goes down. Learn how historical and psychological context can inform layered and adaptable lighting design solutions for lobbies, reception areas, restaurants, and residential living spaces that result in happier humans and more dramatic architecture. Participants to this webinar are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

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David K. Warfel

David K. Warfel

David K. Warfel is an overly sensitive, marginally materialistic, pseudo-tree-hugging Midwestern farm boy turned lighting designer. His hyper-sensitivity means he dims everything including his dashboard, and his marginal materialism means he loves high quality
light fixtures, elegant controls, and French cuffs. He calms his enviro-consciousness by using energy-saving lighting solutions and wearing hiking shoes to work, and is always ready to roll up his literal shirt sleeves to solve client problems with baling wire and duct tape (although now he prefers gaffers tape). He uses the title “Convergence Designer” since he cannot decide what he wants to be if he ever grows up (unlikely at this point), and practices at the overlap of architectural and performance lighting.
He’s as surprised as you are by the list of credits to his name that range from New York’s Carnegie Hall to the Las Vegas’ Luxor and MGM Grand casinos, from Chicago’s Hyde Park Arts Center and Museum of Science and Industry to residential and hospitality projects in Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nevada, Oregon, California, and Arizona. He has worked with award-winning firms Schuler Shook and CharterSills, and weathered the recession safely cloistered as the head of lighting design at the University of Illinois. David’s
work has been featured in Lighting & Sound America, Lighting Australia,
Live Design, and Theatrical Design & Technology, but he is usually reading
Inspector Gamache novels or other similar educational materials.

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Upcoming Free Webinars

for Color and Illumination

April 19th 12:00 PM EDT
When developing a lighting design, lighting specifiers determine the lamp and fixture combination that best suits the design’s requirements based on many factors. While some considerations are largely technical, such as power consumption, the amount of light generated, and how light is distributed, one consideration is both technical and artistic and can be approached in a number of ways.

White Controls

May 17th 12:00 PM EDT
This webinar will take participants through the different types of light spectrum control, discuss the color tuning abilities of tunable white fixtures and their design challenges, and conclude with how you can reduce risk and meet your client’s sequence of operations requirements on color tuning projects.

in 2018 and Beyond: Guidance for Improving Color Quality

June 14th 12:00 PM EST
This presentation will cover updates to
, and how ongoing research is providing knowledge that allows for improved color quality. It will discuss where TM-30 stands within the North American and international lighting communities, and demonstrate new features that may be added over time (feedback welcome!). In general, the emphasis will be on translating science into practice, with a focus on specification and highlights of new products being designed using TM-30.

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