Hatch Introduces LSP3 Surge Protectors

March 5 [addtoany]

TAMPA, FL, March, 2019 – Introducing LSP3 Surge Protectors by Hatch Lighting, the latest in Hatch’s successful line of LSP surge protectors. The LSP3s are UL rated Type 4CA SPD devices and come in surge pulse ratings of 10kA and 20kA.

The LSP3-10 models are capable of a maximum single discharge current of 10kA and available at a input voltage rating of 120-277VAC. The LSP3-20 models are capable of a maximum single discharge current of 20kA and are available in both a 120-277VAC range and an industrial range of 347-480VAC. Both the LSP3-10 and LSP3-20 have an optional End of Life (EOL) indicator which, when illuminated, indicates that protection is being provided.

With a single-screw mounting feature and a flat, slim profile, Hatch LSP3 surge protectors are easily integrated into LED, HID and Fluorescent fixtures. For complete details and specifications visit: www.hatchlighting.com/surge-protectors/

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