Hubbell Lighting Components Q&A with EdisonReport

November 1 [addtoany]

Hubbell Lighting is introducing the Hubbell Lighting Components brand to customers worldwide this week and EdisonReport had an opportunity to catch up with John DiNardi, VP & General Manager of Hubbell Lighting Components to discuss what exactly is happening.   The discussion we had was deeply informative and unraveled the company’s reasoning for a new brand, their strategy moving forward with the new entity of Hubbell, and those affected by the decision to create Hubbell Lighting Components.

EdisonReport: What is “Hubbell Lighting Components?”

DiNardi: Hubbell Lighting Components proudly serves the lighting industry with quality component solutions that feature the latest in LED lighting and IoT technology. Based in Elgin, IL, Hubbell Lighting Components, a Hubbell Lighting brand, is the combination of two distinct brands: Norlux and Thomas Research Products.  It designs, manufacturers, and sells a large variety of light fixture components for the OEM market. The new brand will focus on growth markets, the Internet of Things marketplace and lighting controls. We will be sharing more details about new products and solutions on our website and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube social media channels.

EdisonReport: Why did Hubbell Lighting create Hubbell Lighting Components?

DiNardi: Conditions dictated the time is right to simplify how Norlux and TRP are identified in the marketplace. These individual brands are no longer just owned by Hubbell Lighting; they have evolved and have come together, unified as a single Hubbell brand.  The new Hubbell Lighting Components brand better reflects how Norlux and TRP support Hubbell Lighting’s broader market strategy.  Both Norlux and TRP have an identical OEM sales channel, RSMs, customer base, engineering, manufacturing, management, P&L, etc., so it is strategic to combine them into a single entity.

EdisonReport: How are the TRP and Norlux brands impacted by this change?  

DiNardi: Customers will continue to see the TRP name used in conjunction with classic Hubbell Lighting Components products like static drivers and surge protectors.  The name is simply being referenced at a product branding level rather than an organizational branding level.  The Norlux name will be used to identify the design, software, and manufacturing services of custom light engines and related products.  Similar to what we’re doing with TRP, rather than an organizational brand name, Norlux will be used in reference to our technologically advanced custom solutions team and corresponding capabilities. Going forward, customers will begin seeing more of the Hubbell Lighting Components name.  This naming convention will also help differentiate legacy products from new high-tech and higher quality product lines.

EdisonReport: What is changing?

DiNardi: Our web presence has changed dramatically. There’s a strategic focus on featured product categories rather than individual brands. TRP and Norlux are no longer displayed as the dominant features on our homepage. We’ve also made visual and functional changes to enhance the user experience, inclusive of a new design, new colors and new icons to better represent the new company. Our employees have also switched to Hubbell email domain names, email signature blocks, business cards, etc. And the marketing collateral and spec sheets for new products like our Hubbell Light Module, our High Density High Efficacy Light Engines and our SelectSYNC Drivers include new branding elements.

EdisonReport: Does anything change with the Hubbell Lighting Components strategy?

Dinardi: Hubbell Lighting Components will continue to design and manufacture complete OEM solutions for solid state lighting in indoor and outdoor applications.  We will continue to offer LED light engines and LED drivers.  The company offers custom design and engineering services as well as manufacturing for LED light engines here in the United States.

EdisonReport: How does Hubbell Control Solutions fit into the picture?

DiNardi: Hubbell Control Solutions (HCS) and Hubbell Lighting Components (HLC) both sell products and services that are integrated into and control luminaires.  With the continued advancement of SSL and expanding importance of control capabilities these two brands operate in parallel as brother companies.

EdisonReport: Will your locations remain the same?

DiNardi: Yes. 1225 Bowes Road in Elgin IL.