Industry Comments on the Cooper Acquisition–Updated with Comments from Hubbell Lighting

October 18, 2019 [addtoany]

Chris Stockton, VP of Sales, C&I Markets, Hubbell Lighting:  “Although acquisition activity such as this is significant for the industry, Hubbell Lighting’s focus doesn’t change.  We will continue to provide great service and introduce award-winning LED and control solutions while we grow our business together with our highly valued network of agents.”

Henrik Villumsen, Henrik Villumsen Law Firm, Denmark:  “I find that part pretty entertaining…Some of my clients today have said, that that is why, apparently, that they have to pay royalty for Signify’s patents, i.e. to finance acquisitions (and then in turn more harsher competition probably.). In addition, Cooper Lighting has a huge portfolio of patents.

Adam Lilien, Global Lighting Business Development Manager, Underwriters Laboratories:  “The question is why.  If Signify purchased Cooper Lighting for talent acquisition, it is a good thing. If they are purchasing the minds that they think will help them get to the next level as the industry transforms, then it was a very smart move.”

Jay Goodman, VP Strategy, healthe, a division of Lighting Science:  “Serious Industry Shakeup.”

Chris Brown,  CEO, Nextgen Lighting:   It raises lots of questions.  Is this illumigeddon?!? Who is the winner? What is the message to manufacturers, reps and distributors?  What will the union look like in a few years?