Intense Lighting by Leviton Launches MX Downlight with Mobile App Control

February 5, 2020 [addtoany]

Anaheim, CA, December 12, 2019 – Intense Lighting, a Leviton Company, today announced its new MX Downlighting with Beam Wireless Optical Control providing users a dynamic tool to personalize environments. This breakthrough technology, integrated into the MX family, allows for dynamic light shaping, all controlled from an iOS or android mobile device using Bluetooth® wireless technology. The wireless optical adjustability from spot to flood, and intensity can all be controlled via a unique enabled app named Intense Beam.

“This is the latest example of the synergy created by leveraging unparalleled lighting and control offering to our customers,” said Jennifer Butler, General Manager, Intense Lighting. The MX Downlighting with Beam Wireless Optical Control helps to create personalized lighting environments, whether it’s providing focused lighting on a particular object or portion of a room or providing ambient lighting to set a certain mood.”

Intense Lighting’s MX family of LED downlighting, cylinders, track & recessed multiples is built on an award-winning single platform offering a wide range of design capabilities and optimal power output. MX is a dynamic solution for a variety of applications including retail, commercial, hospitality and residential.

The Beam app, which Intense Lighting launched in 2019, gives users the ability to remotely control the beam and intensity on Intense luminaires through Bluetooth wireless technology. Simple and easy to use, the Beam gives users the flexibility of individual fixture control via Bluetooth enabled wireless devices.

Additionally, Intense Beam dynamically changes optic angles through the unique liquid crystal lensing system that can be adjusted from 14 degrees to 55 degrees without having to physically change out the optics. Users can also wirelessly control the dimming from 0.1 to 100 percent. The app also allows users to save luminaire settings after commissioning and provides the option of saving the settings to the cloud for future reference through a password protected Leviton cloud- based system.

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Intense Lighting, a Leviton company, is widely recognized as a solutions-based manufacturer of award-winning, sustainable lighting products. The company’s innovative and energy efficient luminaires offer a wide variety of specification grade lighting solutions for the commercial, hospitality, supermarket, retail and residential markets. Customers can select from several broad- based product lines of LED downlights, track lights, and recessed multiples.

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Leviton Lighting provides professional lighting and control solutions for architectural, commercial, and residential applications throughout North America and the United Kingdom. The diverse lighting portfolio consists of innovative products from four distinct lighting hardware brands which are Birchwood, ConTech, Intense, JCC, and their fifth controls platform brand, Intellect. Each individual brand offers quality lighting and an integrated control solution developed for specifiers, distributors, and end-users. For more information about Leviton Lighting solutions, visit:

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