LFE Solutions Launches LFE Professional Services Group, LLC

May 14 [addtoany]

Tampa FL | On April 2, 2018 LFE Solutions announced formation of LFE Professional Services Group, LLC. that provides ESCOs with the following professional services;

  • Lighting Audits with complete design
  • Data Logging Service
  • Installation labor alignment
  • Commissioning of wireless lighting
  • Automated rebate processing
  • Supply chain logistics management
  • 10 Year labor and material warrant

Now in its 6th year, LFE Solutions, Inc. is a unique manufacturer’s representative that provides product and service solutions to ESCOs, including new and retrofit LED products and wireless controls. LFE serves local, regional and national ESCOs, and the channel that supports them.

According to Robert Quintal, President of LFE, “With LFE PSG, we can now provide the ESCO with a new and innovative method to implement lighting projects. By offering audit and data logging services, ESCO’s can acquire what they need when they need it – with no strings attached”.

The audit and design are powered by Retrolux, a Boise ID based software solutions provider. “With our partner Retrolux, LFE PSG can supply the ESCO with a digitized lighting audit that becomes the engine that drives the inefficiencies out of the cost of acquiring a turnkey lighting project.” “We are delivering lighting project Bill of Materials with 20-30% reduced cost which drives down paybacks and enhances the ESCO competitiveness in the marketplace”.

Rob also added; “and let’s not overlook the critical importance of the ESCO owning the actual data!”.

About Retrolux

Retrolux is a lighting sales software solution that helps commercial lighting companies win more deals, lower costs, find & keep more clients, all while reducing paperwork. Retrolux fully integrates audit, proposal, product selection, purchasing, utility rebates, analytics, financing, installation, and commissioning, into a comprehensive B2B sales platform. Retrolux was selected by Salesforce Ventures as one of three finalists in the 2017 Dreampitch competition, the largest software pitch competition in the world. For more information, visit www.Retrolux.com.

About LFE Solutions

LFE (Lighting For ESCOs) Solutions, Inc. was formed in January of 2013 to provide technical lighting and controls solutions to the ESCO. LFE is staffed by eight veteran energy industry and ESCO professionals with a value proposition that speaks the language of the ESCO. Serving local, regional and National ESCOs, LFE Solutions brings vetted proven LED products to the channel in support of ESCO projects all over the world. For more information, visit www.LFESolutions.com or email Rob@LFESolutions.com.





Media contact:

Robert M. Quintal