McWong’s Smart Sensor Control Platform Achieves Bluetooth® Qualification

September 17 [addtoany]

SACRAMENTO, Calif. September 17, 2018—McWong, a leading lighting and controls solutions provider, has received Bluetooth qualification on 14 devices in its Smart Sensor Control Platform, which was also recently accepted into the 2018 IES Progress Report. This milestone means the devices comply with the Bluetooth mesh networking specifications published in 2017.

The Smart Sensor Control Platform encompasses a range of occupancy and motion sensors, in-wall occupancy and dimming controllers, dimming power packs, fixture controllers, and mobile apps (Android and iOS) for remote configuration of sensor and dimming settings. It combines sensor-based detection with Bluetooth-ready control capabilities for a cost-effective and future-proof approach to indoor/outdoor lighting and beyond. With built-in Bluetooth beacon capability, the platform supports technology applications including indoor positioning and navigation, RTLS (real-time locating systems), and asset tracking.

“We are pleased to receive Bluetooth qualification on more products than any other controls manufacturer to date,” notes Stephen Zhou, Vice President of McWong. “This milestone demonstrates our commitment to providing robust Bluetooth mesh solutions to the marketplace.”

The Bluetooth qualification process, a rigorous course managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, ensures global product interoperability, key to successful IoT solutions deployed in the built environment.

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