More Layoffs at Cree (not Cree Lighting)

June 20 [addtoany]

EdisonReport can confirm more layoffs of lighting personnel at Cree.  It is important to emphasize these layoffs occurred at Cree and not Cree Lighting, which was acquired by Ideal Industries.  The layoffs are mainly in sales and marketing and affect the Cree that builds LED components and chips, not the Cree Lighting, which includes the LED lighting fixtures, lamps and intelligent lighting control solutions business for commercial, industrial and consumer applications.

Distinguishing Cree from Cree Lighting continues to cause confusion in the marketplace as many of the people now employed at Cree Lighting haven’t updated their Linked In accounts and still show that they are employed at Cree.

We have confirmed the layoffs with two sources but we have not received a comment from the company. EdisonReport no longer has any sources at Cree. (We have great sources at Cree Lighting!)

We fully expect Cree to sell the LED chip and LED component business in the near future.