Pathway Lighting Products Moves Towards Human Centric Lighting

OLD SAYBROOK, Conn., January 21, 2021 — Pathway Lighting has chosen to utilize the Bridgelux ThriveTM series of tailored daylight spectrum LED chips in its products. The Thrive spectrum is more natural, and objects viewed in this light appear as they would in natural daylight with a CRI exceeding 97. This spectrum also has extremely high TM-30 metrics. In addition to the quality of the light, this spectrum has been shown to have positive health benefits and a general enhancement of worker productivity and attitude.

A comparison of the Thrive LED spectrum, a 4000K natural light spectrum, and spectra from typical 80 CRI, 90 CRI, and 98 CRI LEDs can be seen in Figure 1. The typical LED spectra have an exaggerated spectral peak in the blue range while the Thrive spectrum closely matches the natural light spectrum.

Thrive can be found in Pathway Lighting’s Caliber Plus Architectural product line, which include recessed, cylinders, pendants, and high/low bays.  See video

About Pathway Lighting Products, Inc.
Pathway Lighting, located in Old Saybrook, CT, is an innovative designer and manufacturer of specification-grade LED luminaires. Our product line is designed for commercial and institutional markets and includes downlights, wall washers, adjustable accents, decorative pendants, round and square cylinders, and emergency egress fixtures. The company also offers remote driver solutions, human centric lighting, healthcare lighting solutions, and quick-ship fixtures. Our wide range of products can support the lighting requirements of a single space or the entire project.

For more than 30 years, Pathway Lighting has been using advanced product design software, best practices in manufacturing and fabrication, and state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure that our products meet our customers’ expectations. As an independently owned, American lighting manufacturer, we can provide responsive technical support, and we welcome our customers’ requests for fixture modifications and custom products. Our open platform approach to LED product development simplifies specification and gives our customers choice, more time to focus on lighting design, and peace of mind that only a trusted source for quality products can offer.


Brigitte M. Frank
Director of Communications

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