Photalume Announces Its First High Power AC Linear Module Design, Now Manufactured by ADURA LED Solutions as ALTERNA™ 12304 LINEAR – 40W AC Module

May 6 [addtoany]

Photalume announces that its first high power AC Linear Module design is now being manufactured by ADURA LED Solutions as the ALTERNA™ model 12304 LINEAR – 40W AC Module


ADURA LED Solutions ALTERNA™ LINEAR patented AC LED technology offers superior performance compared to existing AC Solutions in the market. The ALTERNA™ LINEAR modules are patented under the Photalume US patents 9723671, 9585212 and 9491821).

With legacy technology, earlier generations of LED light sources required an LED driver and a DC LED module to make a complete light source. With the new ADURA LED Solutions ALTERNA™ AC technology, a single completely flat (3mm thick) metal circuit board replaces both functions. The resulting AC LED modules can be any shape.  The first product in this technology, is the ADURA LED Solutions part Alterna  12304-A-xxx-LED 47.0 inch Linear MCPCB:

It is 31.75mm (1.25 inch) wide, 1194mm (47.0 inch) long and 3mm (0.12 inch) thick.  It is equipped with surge protection according to IEC 61000-4-5 class 1, and connects directly to a 120V AC power line.  When connected, it draws 34W with a power factor of 0.91 and THD of 13%, and puts out 5000 lumens with a flicker index of 0.26.  It can dim down to 6% with an ELV dimmer. This powerful AC LED module consists of just one single circuit, which can be scaled up to as high a power level as desired. 277V versions and higher power (10,000 lumens) are in planning.

It is the first integrated approach of an AC Module with 34W input and best performance THD and Flicker index.  The ALTERNA™ LINEAR AC LED modules help lighting manufacturers by reducing the cost of the total fixture, facilitating a fast time to market and simplifying the luminaire manufacturing process.   

In addition to eliminating a large DC LED Driver, the ALTERNA™ LINEAR AC Module increases lighting fixture life time due to the absence of lifetime limiting components like electrolytic capacitors.    The ALTERNA™ LINEAR AC LED module is offered at various CCT (2700K – 6500K) with CRI options of 70, 80, 90+.



  • Dimmable to 6.5%
  • High frequency – although the flicker index is 0.25, the perception is better than expected because the modulation contains high frequencies which are imperceptible to the human eye. Legacy AC modules have flicker index of around 0.35, 35% higher.
  • Completely flat, with no magnetics or electrolytic capacitors, yet having PF of 0.91 and THD of 13% (typical)





EFFICACY:   140 lm/W


THD: <20% (13% Typical)


Output lumens: 4000 – 5000 lumens (over various CCT/CRI)

Dimming to 6.5% using an ELV dimmer


The ALTERNA™ LINEAR AC modules are ideally suited to replace fluorescent lamps and they offer high quality light with better lumens per watt (140) than fluorescent lamps (100).

The light output is uniform down the length of the light module, and dimmable down to 6.5% using ELV dimmers. Because of the uniform light output down the length of the module, there are no hotspots.


MECHANICAL SIZE: 47×1.25x.12 inches (LxW,H)


For samples contact ADURA LED Solutions.


Located in Orange County, California, ADURA LED Solutions is Led by a team of thermal management and electronic experts and LED Module designers. ADURA LED Solutions is a leading US manufacturer of high-quality LED modules, optimized for a variety of mid- to high-power indoor and outdoor applications and are offered in 70+, 80+ and 90+ CRI across a broad range of CCTs (2000K to 6500K plus red, green, blue and amber, Tunable White, Custom LED) module designs are also available.



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