LD+A/Pompeo Jobs Report: 64% Likely to add Sales/Marketing & Engineering Jobs in 2018

February 2

Sponsored by LD+A and The Pompeo Group


The “2018 Jobs Report & Survey”—our second annual snapshot of the state of hiring in the profession co-sponsored by The Pompeo Group—was conducted online via SurveyMonkey and e-mailed to IES Members and others in the lighting industry who influence or are responsible for hiring decisions. Job titles selected for the survey included CEO, chairman, partner, principal, president, vice president, director and manager. LD+A received 491 responses to the survey.

Survey questions addressed the current job market; hiring predictions for 2018; tools used by companies to attract and keep employees; and the technical and “soft” skills that are in demand. Among the key findings:

  • The hiring growth identified in the 2017 survey is likely to continue. Nearly 65 percent say it’s “somewhat or extremely” likely they will add engineering/product development and lighting design staff in 2018. The uptick is greater for sales and marketing staff, rising from 52 percent in 2017 to 64 percent who are somewhat or extremely likely to hire in this area.
  • Predictably, most jobs to be filled will be entry- or junior-level positions, as opposed to mid-career or senior level.
  • On the manufacturing side, it’s a good time to be in sales. That is the number one position likely to be created (41 percent) in manufacturing companies.
  • ​Connected lighting and IoT have become popular industry buzzwords. While a healthy 79 percent of respondents say a job candidate’s knowledge in this area is at least somewhat important, a plurality (48 percent) are not yet adding IoT-specific jobs within their companies.

View the full jobs report here