TechBrite Releases New SOTA Fixtures that Retrofit Energy-efficient LEDs onto Old Fluorescent Strip Lighting

June 4 [addtoany]

Simple and waste-friendly, do-it-yourself installation allows for old fixtures to be reused

CINCINNATI (June 4, 2018) — TechBrite today released a new line of retro-fit lighting fixtures called SOTA, which allows easy upgrade and replacement of old fluorescent strip lighting with energy-efficient and low-profile LEDs.

TechBrite is a manufacturer and seller of premium, energy efficient commercial lighting fixtures, based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The ease of installation and multiple applications across diverse industries are what make SOTA innovative in the lighting industry. The SOTA driver and the board are pre-installed into the channel cover, allowing installers to save time by simply having to attaching the proprietary bracket and connect the power. The 8-foot product also breaks down into two separate sections, with a disconnect in the center, allowing for a one-person installation.

Energy-efficiency and waste-friendliness are two of the main benefits of the SOTA innovation. Switching from fluorescent bulbs and fixtures to LED net a savings of roughly 30% on energy. The ability to reuse the old fluorescent housing cuts down on waste and the need for rewiring new fixtures. Switching to LED also greatly improves the efficiency of air conditioning units, and LED bulbs has a life expectancy of roughly 3.5 times that of fluorescent bulbs.

The LED output capacity of the SOTA fixtures without a lens range up to 160 LPW. SOTA kits are available with or without lenses. They are also compatible with the TechBrite Wireless Control system.

Visit TechBrite at or by calling 1-800-246-9977.

About TechBrite

TechBrite is a lighting industry leader, located in Cincinnati, Ohio with breakthrough results in innovative design and quality-oriented solutions to meet the needs of the customers they serve across diverse industries.