Starving for Darkness Podcast Moves to Single Host Format

EdisonReport has learned that Michael Colligan, co-host and co-founder of the popular Starving for Darkness podcast is no longer a host of the show.

Your humble editor spoke to Michael and Jane Slade, the other co-host.  Michael explained that his role will change from focusing on the podcast to nudging the industry in a direction where it begins to embrace the preservation and restoration of natural darkness.  He went on to say that he, as well as the NAILD Board of Directors, will continue to support Jane in her role as host of the podcast.

Jane explained, “By changing the dynamics of the show, it gives me the opportunity to lean into the more poetic part of the work, which perhaps, will speak to a larger and different audience outside of the lighting industry.  Jane went on to say, “Michael Colligan was instrumental in the creation of the podcast and deservers much credit for getting the show where it is today.”

Starving for Darkness is presented by the NLB and the IDA. Get-a-Grip Studios will continue to produce the show and the EdisonReport has in the past, and will continue to provide links to the podcast.

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