LEDVANCE Highlights Passion for Lighting, Innovation at LIGHTFAIR

LEDVANCE Highlights Passion for Lighting, Innovation at LIGHTFAIR

By Edison Report staff

“Our goal is to be number one in the world in LED-based general lighting, and attendees at LIGHTFAIR will see how our Passion for Lighting is going to get us there,” said Johnson. “We are advancing light, and we invite customers and partners to join us for the ride.”

At LIGHTFAIR 2018, the theme at the LEDVANCE booth is “Experience our Passion for Lighting,” and you could really feel that from the booth staff showing off the SYLVANIA LED lamps, luminaires and smart lighting products.  Since its launch two years ago, LEDVANCE has transformed from a manufacturer predominantly of traditional lamps to an independent, dynamic and globally active lighting company with one of the most comprehensive LED portfolios for general lighting.

“Our Passion for Lighting is built on our history, but even more importantly, it is driving our future,” said Jim Johnson, Managing Director, United States and Canada, LEDVANCE.  “We are a 100+ year old start up, and our evolution is resulting in more success for us and our customers.”

This year, LEDVANCE has launched over 100 new SYLVANIA LED lamp, luminaire and smart lighting products.  At LFI,

Based on market research, LEDVANCE is on track to be the fastest growing supplier of LED luminaires in North America, with the portfolio doubling every year since launching in July 2016.

LEDVANCE is highlighting some of these and a few future initiatives.  They include the only major general lighting LED portfolio made in the U.S.A. with U.S. and global parts, a single downlight that delivers different lighting options via a surface mounted switch therefore reducing the need to carry several different SKUs, and PAR LED lamps with the highest lumen output and efficacy.  The company is also showing new additions to its industry-first SYLVANIA SMART+ Outdoor and Filament LED Lamp Portfolios including the world’s first full color smart filament LED A19 lamp, and how it takes the concept of Human Centric Lighting to another level by being intuitive, dynamic and simple.

“Just like how we are in the heart of the excitement on the show floor, LEDVANCE is at the center of the industry, driving innovation for our customers,” said Dr. Oliver Volger, Global VP of Sales and Marketing, LEDVANCE.

LEDVANCE has the only major general lighting LED lamp portfolio, which includes A-line, Globe, BR and PAR LED lamps, made in the U.S.A. with U.S. and global parts.

Earlier this year, LEDVANCE announced that MLS, China’s leader in LED packaging, is the sole owner of the company.  “With our new ownership, LEDVANCE and MLS can now combine our individual strengths and focus on expanding our positions as global leaders in the lighting industry,” said Johnson. “Some of our opportunities with MLS include access to a more cost-competitive supply chain for LED packaging and LED lamps, and an expanded product portfolio.”

If you are at LFI, check out LEDVANCE at Booth 1041 or you can visit www.sylvania.com/lightfair or follow along on social media via #Passion4Light.