Pompeo August

Only a Handful of Lighting Companies Participating at CES 2022


Updated  at 5:10 EST to include LEDVANCE statement.

Your humble editor has attended CES in prior years, but not this year as there are very few companies launching lighting products.  Several companies backed out of CES due to COVID,  and there is very little in the way of lighting launches.  We are reading reports from the show and will continue to pass on anything we learn.

GE Lighting (Savant) has introduced smart decorative filament-style lamps in various shapes and sizes, such as candelabra and globe.  Almost every luminaire or bulb in my home is smart, except for decorative, so I can’t wait to try these new lamps. Building a smart filament-style lamp is difficult as the base is the only available real estate for the electronics.

Sengled has received an Innovation award for their Smart Health Monitoring Light, with a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Mesh Dual Chip. With this bulb, Sengled is taking smart lighting into uncharted territory with built-in health monitoring radar technology. Benefits include sleep tracking, certain biometric measurements such as heart rate and body temperature, and other vital signs. This is their 10thInnovation Award.

In addition Sengled has launched a new Wi-Fi TV Light Strip with Video-Sync.  Sengled’s version uses a small camera to detect what content is playing on your TV, meaning it’s not reliant on an HDMI input. Sengled’s Video-Sync light strips will work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, and can be paired with existing Sengled entertainment products, such as Audio-Sync TV Light Strips and LED Light Bars.

Samsung launched a Freestyle Projector that fits into a light bulb socket to create a 100-inch projection. The Freestyle projector can rotate 180 degrees to turn anything into a display, from your floor to your walls and ceiling.

Charlie Harte, VP of of Marketing & Customer Experience and Canada President, LEDVANCE sent the following statement:  “Let’s kick 2022 off in style!  We are here in Vegas meeting with key customers and partners to showcase some of our upcoming innovations and our SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting, our TruWave LED portfolio that are the closest match to the Sun’s Natural Light, and our LightSHIELD germ fighting lights. For our customers at CES and throughout the year, our message is we are here for you.”

There are thousands of cool products being launched and if we find any more new lighting related technologies, we’ll let you know.