Prolight + Sound: Another Successful In-Person Event. Our Industry is Ready!

Like a bear lumbering awake from a long hibernation, the lighting industry is finally beginning to have in-person conventions, conferences, and trade shows. The emotions of the bear and the industry must be the same: awkwardness, sheepishness, concern, anxiousness, anticipation, hope, happiness, and enthusiasm, all wrapped up in a blanket of cautiousness.

As more and more events are in-person, it is fabulous to hear success stories from those that have recently happened.

One such event that just transpired is Prolight + Sound, which took place in Frankfurt on April 26th – 29th, 2022. Prolight + Sound – the name stands for the latest technological solutions and best practices, which generate great experiences for visitors and ensure the success of audio-visual productions. Prolight + Sound is distinguished by a clear main theme, but, at the same time, offers a broad spectrum from light and sound, via theatre and stage, to AV systems integration and display and media technology.

EdisonReport was able to procure feedback from attendee Henrik Villumsen, owner of Henrik Villumsen Law Firm in Middle Jutland, Denmark, who proclaimed, “The entertainment lighting industry is alive!”

On the show, he commented, “It was more well attended than it was crowded. But I think it was at least up to most exhibitors’ expectations. Many exhibitors attended, including all the big names in the industry.”

There were no COVID restrictions at the event, but masks were required in all public transport in Germany, including planes.

Villumsen expressed an admiration for the multitude of products on display, predominantly from the E.U. and North America.

When asked to sum up his thoughts, Villumsen stated, “I think the industry is relieved that it went so well and is optimistic – at least with regards to demand.” He still expressed the valid concern that the product supply channels may take some time to catch up.

Another recent and successful event was LEDucation 2022, a long-awaited event in North America. The feedback has been mostly positive, like someone emerging from a desert commenting on the oasis and the water. The industry was anxiously looking for a reprieve in the COVID desert.

Overall, Prolight + Sound and LEDucation were welcome successes. I think I speak for most of our industry in saying that it bodes well for LightFair, Light +Building, the IES Annual Conference, the NAILD Convention, ArchLIGHT Summit and the others that will follow.

When possible, I hope people are becoming more comfortable in supporting our industry events. They are so critical at a time when the intersection of physiological, technological, and environmental advancements in our industry are transpiring.

Nothing beats in person communication. I just recently finished producing an educational piece for American Association of Independent Lighting Agents (AAILA) on color metrics. Research scientist Tony Esposito, PhD., was asked if an individual recognizes him at an event, what would he like them to ask. He said, “If someone sees me at an event and recognizes me, please come up and talk to me about TM-30 or anything else. I love talking about color.” Tony is one of the best of our industry, but he is not alone. The one thing I will always appreciate with our industry is how giving our experts are with their knowledge and their time. I’m looking forward to when we can once again come out of hibernation, socialize and continue to bring our industry forward.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with friends, colleagues, and industry experts. It has been a long two years. My coat fits me differently, and I have a craving for salmon.

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