Sunshine Lighting Introduces Versatile New ‘Ambiate®’ Line of Decorative Fixtures

(Brooklyn, NY – June 17th, 2022)  Sunshine Lighting Company, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality and affordable LED lamps and fixtures marketed under the major brands of Sunlite® and MKS Advanced LED®, is proud to announce the introduction of its new ‘Ambiate®’ line of decorative lighting fixtures.  Featuring graceful curves and precision design in a variety of popular styles and finishes, Ambiate fixtures bring an architectural aesthetic and distinctive degree of elegance to a broad range of professional and residential settings.

Ideal for everything from hotel, restaurant, bar, and other hospitality settings to retail, commercial, and single or multi-family residential applications, initial products within the new Ambiate line include a range of eye-catching pendants and wall sconces in a design-forward array of styles, textures, and color palettes that will bring life and interest to any space.

“Within our pendant category, signature fixtures like our 5-light chandelier pendant bring an air of luxury to any décor and incorporate an adjustable stem which enables users to achieve the optimal mounting height for their application,” shared Morty Kohn, CEO of Sunshine Lighting.  “Within our sconce category, featured new products like our slanted architectural sconces provide soft and effective orientation lighting that adds a sleek and decorative touch to a space without being obtrusive.”

According to Kohn, the versatile Ambiate line includes fixtures that feature either integrated LED technology or medium-base sockets designed to accommodate LEDs or another compatible lighting technology based on the user’s preferences and lighting design objectives.  All of the fixtures are constructed of high-quality, built-to-last materials and are easy to clean and maintain.

“We’ve worked with a network of leading design experts to craft our Ambiate fixtures and this line truly speaks to modern mid-century décor and other popular transitional styles today,” Kohn said.  “Each piece in the line makes a statement and delivers a unique and luxurious look at an affordable price.”

Since Ambiate’s launch, “we’ve received an extremely positive response to our initial styles and price points and will be adding more fixtures to the line on a regular basis,” Kohn said.  “Our Ambiate fixtures are readily available, can be modified/customized with our design team, and represent an exciting new line from a trusted manufacturer and innovator that’s been vested in the lighting industry for over 40 years.”

“Our Ambiate line truly has its finger on the pulse of today’s design aesthetic,” Kohn concluded, “and offers interesting, architectural fixtures that fit with many popular décors.”

For more information on the company’s Ambiate line, visit

About Sunshine Lighting

For over 40 years, Sunshine Lighting has been providing quality and affordable solutions to the lighting industry and has evolved into a multinational enterprise, growing at a rapid pace to become a leading lighting manufacturer in North America. Sunshine Lighting offers a wide array of products under multiple brands, including MKS LED®, Ambiate®, and Sunlite® lamps and luminaires.  The Sunlite® brand was introduced in 1996 to provide select lighting technologies ranging from indoor, industrial, and outdoor LED systems to non-LED fixtures as well as LED lamps, while the MKS Advanced LED brand was established to provide the lighting industry with well-designed, energy-efficient, high-end fixtures utilizing the latest in advanced LED technology.  Together, the Sunlite, MKS Advanced LED, and Ambiate brands deliver the outstanding quality, performance, and affordability required to support the professional lighting market’s broad range of users and applications.  For more information, please call (212) 590-0131 or visit; view the company’s 2022 fixture catalog at

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