84% of EdisonReport Respondents Support LightFair’s Move to Every Other Year

EdisonReport Survey Showing 83.94% Support LightFair's Decision
83.94% of respondents support LightFair's Decision to move to an every-other-year format.

LightFair’s decision to host their trade show every other year has tremendous support from the industry.  Our poll question was simple:  “Do you support LightFair’s decision to host the show every other year?” The results show that 84% support the decision, with 16% opposed. 

Below are a few comments we received.

As a longtime Lightfair supporter and exhibitor, Brownlee couldn’t be more pleased with this decision. We care deeply about this show, its history, and its impact on the industry. This must have been a terribly difficult decision for the LFI team to make but is one that will preserve its future and wellbeing in the long run. Asking exhibitors for post-show feedback is one thing. Reacting to that feedback is paramount. Brownlee is thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting in 2023 and hopes other factories step up and do the same. Lightfair has listened, I think the industry should too.

Chapman Brownlee, VP, Brownlee Lighting

For EarthTronics this represents an opportunity to invest more in the success of LightFair.  There was a very positive energy at LightFair 2022 Las Vegas.  We found attendees came to engage, listen and learn.  It also gave us an opportunity to listen closely to their product concerns and understand the challenges that they address in the market place.  The difference being that in previous years attendees would almost expect what they were coming to see – not anticipating real change.  The every-other year schedule will also allow us the budget latitude to invest strategically in the attendees we would like to attract.  On the whole, I believe this will benefit not only EarthTronics but also LightFair.   And, being in New York through the rest of the decade will give continuity to the show.

Kevin Youngquist, EarthTronics, Inc.

Below are some of the anonymous comments from the poll:

  • The industry is so fast moving it seems that having it just every other year will make it less relevant.
  • Moving to a biennial format should make this more of a “must see” event as long as the organizers and participants use the extra time to make it more of an “Event” focusing on the truly essential technologies and designs the customers want.
  • Yes and synchronizing with L+B provides the opportunity to have annual shows without conflicting schedules
  • In an era of accelerating rate of change there is no marketing justification for this decision. In an environment of increasing commoditization, personal networks are more vital and reducing this key networking event to a bi-annual show is counterproductive from a sales perspective. In an increasingly difficult financial marketplace LightFair has become an easy target to reduce expenses and improve short term financial results.
  • I just don’t see value in holding the event biannually but only in NYC, home of LEDucation. This seems suboptimal as well as shortsighted, ignoring the rest of the lighting world’s needs. We will see if it can thrive under these circumstances or not. 
  • The show needs to alternate from coast to coast and not only be in New York. Otherwise, it will become a regional show similar to LEDucation, the King of regional shows. Those on the western half of the country will find/develop a new social event for their purpose.
  • Not enough new content to justify a yearly show. Alternating with Light + Build is a great idea. 
  • Fine with every other year, disappointed that they aren’t planning on west coast appearances
  • Not everyone can attend every year, especially when it in places like NYC (expensive). Most large companies now a days only allow employees to attend if they are speaking. This makes it more special and important. 
  • I still think that they should host east coast and west coast instead of just hosting in New York.
  • Wondering if they will still go from New York to Vegas? Or just pick Vegas as the one and only city. Honestly the show has shrunk so much in the last few years you have to wonder if it will survive or if this is a sign of the end.
  • A 2-year schedule isn’t about the longer product development cycle… if so then an annual show like LEDucation wouldn’t continue to grow each and every year and manufacturers to have roadshows every few months. Rhe point is, for large manufacturers, it’s a huge expense, and justifying that every year is hard. if LFI took the approach of smaller shows, limiting a company’s total expenditure, then they could get folks to commit to an annual show. Besides L+B, no other show I can think of is biennial… 2 years is too long… you can’t wait two years to release a product, so now the show becomes less important in a product launch timeline, people will do it at other events at other locations.
  • I like the frequency but question being in NY every year right after LEDucation. I don’t see a reason to go two months in a row. 
  • Except for a 10-year period during the evolution of LED technology LightFair should have been a biennial event going back 30 years. 
  • Turns it from a soft obligatory event to more of a celebration.
  • Every other year sounds perfect. What isn’t a great idea is planting the flag for the show in NY. They need to continue to alternate the show from East to West. Vegas every 4 years and then NY every 4 years sounds ideal. 
  • I believe that attendance will be greatly improved by this decision.
  • LFI management shows its savvy by placing the event counter-cyclical to Light+Building Show. This will increase emphasis on smaller regional shows which should be a game leveler between smaller and larger competitors on an event basis, and allow smaller companies to either save up, or free up marketing capital as needed in response.
  • It is probably the right decision at the right time. Selfishly, I’m a little sad at losing the yearly chance to see all my lighting friends in person.
  • The attendance has been poor the last few years. Reducing the frequency will encourage more participation.
  • Absolutely brilliant idea!
  • Makes sense to me. There are a lot of other trade shows in the manufacturing world that are only held every other year. Always felt that LFI West/Las Vegas was never as well attended as it was on the east coast and a lot of the big players (like Signify) would put less into the booth when it was the “off” year.
  • This is the best way to get the show focused back on innovation in the lighting industry
  • Should still alternate to west coast location…. Not ny every time
  • I think this is a great move and I would assume it will not be in NYC every year.
  • Maybe now companies can actually build and ship product they are showing.
  • If it it is not the same year as Light and Build, Frankfurt. 
  • It might as well stop all together. The local shows are better and cheaper
  • Long overdue. Now LF management needs to explore how to get east coast specifiers to the west coast and visa versa.
  • It is becoming harder to justify the resources and time to do these larger annual shows. There has been significant drop off in ROI and vast majority of people attend for the customer “face time” which can arguably be done for much lower cost.
  • New York is far and expensive 
  • It’s a sad commentary on the plodding pace of innovation in our industry that the IES used 2-year product development cycles as one of the reasons behind the decision.