Henrik Villumsen Lawfirm Continues Growth in 2024

Denmark, March 27, 2024 – Today Henrik Villumsen Lawfirm confirmed the continued growth in 2024 of its business of assisting clients with (re-)negotiating Signify Enabled LED patent license agreements (which was reported on i.a. here)

Henrik Villumsen in addition confirmed that the growth in 2024 continues to be significant in North America. A large number of client consultations in North America thus has continued to be scheduled from the beginning of 2024 (first reported here)

A “new round” of client consultations starting in April is scheduled in, among other places, Canada, New York, Massachusets, Missouri, Arizona, California, Nevada and Florida.

Due to the continued strong demand Henrik Villumsen suggests to contact him at [email protected] as soon as possible