Price Increases

Acuity Announces 2nd Price Increase

August 14, 2018

EXCLUSIVE—MUST CREDIT EDISONREPORT. EdisonReport can confirm that Acuity Brands has announced their second price increase of the year. The first one was at LIGHTFAIR and there may be a third one later this year—once the tariff situation plays out. Our source explained that the increase is effective in September. Acuity attributes the increase to higherRead more

LEDVANCE Issues Tariff Letter

July 20, 2018

July 20, 2018 Dear Valued Customer: As a result of global trade uncertainties, we write to provide notice of significant tariffs introduced by the United States on lighting products and components imported from China that, if left in place, will result in cost/price increases on many products LEDVANCE supplies to its customers. On July 6th, theRead more

Philips Advance Signifies Ballast/Driver Price Increase

July 12, 2018

July 3, 2018 Re: Price Increases Dear Philips Advance Customers, Philips Advance is implementing a general price increase on select LED product families, effective with product shipments from August 15, 2018. Specific pricing will vary by category. The last date for invoicing shipments on existing orders at current price levels is August 14, 2018. AllRead more

Acuity Investor Call: Expect Price Increase to Stick

July 3, 2018

Your humble editor listened in on the Acuity Brands investor call. Below are my notes: C&I sales normally about 60% of volume, this quarter dropped by 3% or 4%. Closing a few small plants and will leave inventory in place—not cost effective to move Excess capacity will be absorbed into other locations. Consolidate to improveRead more

ULT Announces 6%-8% Price Increase

June 25, 2018

Effective with shipments starting August 1, 2018 ULT will be implementing a price increase averaging 6-8 % across our product lines. Please note that this increase will not affect any projects which exist today with a valid project quote. It will, however, impact all other price lists/quotes.

Venture Announces 8% Price Increase. 0% Increase for LED

May 22, 2018

Dear Lighting Customers, As our industry continues to go through rapid technological advancements and change we are seeing demand for lighting products with legacy technologies (HID) soften which has put further cost pressure on these legacy technologies. Our business has felt the cumulative impact of increased costs on materials & components, transportation, packaging, wages, andRead more

LIGHTFAIR Special: Acuity Announces 6% Price Increase

May 8, 2018

Due to significant inflationary pressure, Acuity Brands is announcing a general price increase on Acuity Brands Lighting Products effective June 11, 2018. Price increases will average 6% on all legacy products and select LED product families and options. Specific category pricing will vary…