Price Increases

Happy Days! Big China LED Considers Price Increase. “…if unlucky still going up probably we may have no choice but sorry to raise our prices in order to survive.”

September 7, 2017

EdisonReport received the following letter from a mid-size manufacturer in China: Dear Friend, I’m writing this email to pass the current situation about raw materials cost increasing. Recently we received price increasing notices from our suppliers more frequently, some suppliers already advise that they noticed us to raise their prices upto 15%. Some suppliers evenRead more

LSI Announces Price Increase

February 28, 2017

EXCLUSIVE:  MUST CREDIT EDISONREPORT. EdisonReport has learned that LSI has implemented a price increase.  Individual price increases were uploaded to the rep database on  6 FEB.   LED products increased between 4% and 10%.  The increase took effect immediately.  Developing…