updated…..Chris White, Former CEO of the Americas at Signify, Moves to Bloom Energy

June 19 [addtoany]

updated 20 JUN 2019

On 22 JAN 2018, EdisonReport exclusively broke the story that Chris White was going to replace Amy Huntington who had been the CEO of Philips Lighting Americas. We found it odd that EdisonReport broke the news and not Philips.   On 7 MAR 2018, Philips finally published the announcement.  We never understood the wait.

We also found it odd yesterday when one of our sources sent us a link to an announcement that Bloom Energy had hired Mr. White on 3 JUN.  We thought he was still running Signify. The announcement states Mr. White most recently served as CEO of the Americas at Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), where he established an industry leadership position, and inspired innovation and growth throughout the region.  The announcement also states that Mr. White is “A passionate change agent…”  That he is.

Mr. White updated his Linked In account to reflect his new position as EVP for Worldwide Sales and the Chief Sales Officer for Bloom. He failed to update the Signify portion  which still shows that he is employed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Americas for Signify.  We don’t think he is double dipping, he just did not completely update his account.  Your humble editor is happy to cut him some slack.  After all, Maryrose Sylvester’s Linked In shows she is still the President and CEO of Current, Powered by GE.