OKT Responds to JLC-TECH’s IP Complaint

July 13, 2020 [addtoany]

Since 2008, OKT Lighting has been providing high quality commercial and architectural lighting products for both the North American and European markets.  We are a leading supplier to many well-known global lighting brands and through our research and innovation have built our own patent portfolio.

On November 13, 2018, OKT was granted a patent for its T-Grid LED Lighting System (U.S. Patent No. 10,125,934) after an extensive review by the U.S. Patent Office. Most significantly, the USPTO granted OKT’s patent with full knowledge of JLC’s previous patent and considered OKT’s invention innovative.

Despite this, JLC-Tech continued to pursue frivolous lawsuits against our customers. This time, JLC uses a set of invalid patent claims stretched from an outdated, decade-old patent disclosure against North America Lighting,

While we appreciate the contributions JLC brought to the industry in the past, their continued intimidation and harassment of our customers is unfortunate and distasteful. JLC is attempting to stifle competition that they are losing in the market place due to lack of innovation and over-pricing their inferior products.

In response to this continued harassment of our customers, on July 1 we filed a complaint for declaratory relief to once and for all settle this issue and stop JLC from bullying our customers any more.

Attached is the formal complaint filed with the Southern District of New York.
OKT Complaint Against JLC

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Elliot Tan