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DECO Lighting Unveils Strategic Revival with Major Investments and Leadership Overhaul

Commerce, CA – February 12th – Marking a triumphant return to the forefront of the LED lighting industry, DECO Lighting proudly announces its strategic realignment. The company’s resurgence is propelled by a successful acquisition by ABS and substantial investments from industry stalwarts, River Zhong and William Zhen Wang.

Strategic Leadership Redefined: River Zhong and William Zhen Wang

DECO Lighting’s reinvigoration is led by River Zhong, a seasoned luminary in private equity and venture capital with 11 years of proven success across diverse industries. His strategic vision is poised to elevate DECO Lighting’s global standing and market influence.

Complementing this leadership is William Zhen Wang  an engineering enthusiast and entrepreneur renowned for his groundbreaking innovations. Wang’s impressive track record includes developing China’s first electric car battery management system in 2005 and orchestrating the world’s inaugural fully automated toothpaste formula production line for Procter & Gamble in 2006.

In 2007, Wang’s innovative prowess was showcased with the design of Nokia’s epochal cellphone prototype “Ninja Turtle Robopal,” integrating concepts now utilized by smart phones, Vision Pro, iWatch, Tesla, and Optimus. Following this, he established the first R&D center in Beijing for Tyco Electronics in 2008.

Wang continued his academic journey in the United States, earning a Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in 2008, where he gained recognition for his research on sensors and actuators, featured in the Los Angeles Times and on CBS news.

In 2013, Wang co-founded National Lighting Inc. with eight other Ph.D. students, later evolving into Chuitian Technology and achieving public trading on the Beijing stock exchange. Specializing in IoT, lighting control, and LED display, Chuitian accumulated over $65 million in revenue in 2023. With over a decade of experience in high-end lighting design, customization, and Smart Control solutions, Chuitian significantly supported Wang’s expansion into US lighting projects.

Wang’s impact on the US market became even more pronounced in 2016 with the introduction of LED commercial lighting. In November 2020, he invested in Huizhou Xmart Lighting Inc, China’s top LED flat panel full supply chain manufacturing base. In 2023, Huizhou Xmart Lighting further expanded internationally, opening its first factory in Vietnam, becoming a dominant manufacturer of office, warehouse, and commercial lighting products.

Leveraging support from manufacturers in China and Vietnam, Wang founded Kommercial Lighting in November 2021. Specializing in the sales of commercial lighting and project-based lighting, Kommercial Lighting has experienced exponential growth, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

DECO Lighting’s Strategic Outlook: A Focus on Global Dominance

Under the leadership of ABS, River Zhong, and William Zhen Wang, DECO Lighting is poised to establish itself as a dominant force globally. This strategic partnership, now fortified by extensive manufacturing capabilities and the expertise of industry veterans, is set to reshape DECO Lighting’s trajectory.

This substantial investment infusion not only marks a financial milestone but also signifies the unwavering commitment of seasoned professionals and the manufacturing capabilities that Wang brings. With this strategic overhaul, DECO Lighting anticipates faster, more competitive pricing and availability, as the company now gains autonomous control over its manufacturing capabilities.

DECO Lighting’s strategic comeback is not just a revival but a testament to its commitment to becoming an industry leader. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and unmatched service, DECO Lighting, backed by ABS, River Zhong, and William Zhen Wang’s extensive experience and manufacturing prowess, is poised to redefine the standards of excellence in the LED lighting sector.