Deco’s Plan

We spoke to Sam Sinai, the CEO of Deco Lighting. He shared the name of the company that has invested in Deco and there will be an announcement later this week.  The new stakeholder has made a financial investment in Deco and will allow Deco access to their $20M in inventory.

Sam explained, “With this inventory, we can now offer complete packages, allowing us to compete better in new construction.  This comprehensive product offering, coupled with our DecoMesh™ wireless lighting controls, allow us to offer IoT-ready fixtures at a fraction of the cost and complexity of incumbent market alternatives.”

He further explained that Deco can now address any segment of the commercial lighting market with a clear cost and technology advantage, from a simple tube retrofit to the most sophisticated lighting designer, electrical engineer, or architect inspired lighting specification.

Sam also emphasizes that the investment allows him to pay all back commissions to currently active reps.    Reorganizations usually create havoc for most stakeholders and Deco is no exception.  If things work out, it could be a positive outcome for most stakeholders.

Look for the press release later this week.

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