NAED President and CEO Tom Naber has Resigned

The National Association of Electrical Distributors announced today that President and CEO Tom Naber has resigned, effective June 2, 2023.

Ed Orlet, Senior Vice-President of Government Affairs and Strategic Projects, has been named Interim CEO. The NAED Board of Directors, coordinated by NAED Chair John Cain and the Executive Committee, is beginning the search for a permanent replacement. The NAED Board wants to thank Tom Naber for the multiple accomplishments by the association during his tenure.

Naber worked with NAED for 26 years, joining the association as Publisher of tED magazine in 1997 and then becoming association President in 2001. The association promoted Naber to CEO in 2008.

During his tenure, the association created incredible accomplishments, including surviving the pandemic and emerging even stronger, creating a wide variety of new products, services, and training tools for our members, and building our brand as a trusted source for our members to receive industry research and data. That top-of-the-line work has been recognized both internally by the management team and externally by our members and Board of Directors, and we will continue to grow as we “Build A Connected Business For The Future” with our members. 

This news comes after an incredibly successful NAED National Meeting in Marco Island, Florida and just before the sold-out NAED Women In Industry Forum.

The association will continue its “Building A Connected Business For The Future” branding at events and in future projects and programs.