Regency Lighting and AllSale Electric Become Regency Supply

With a New Name, the Same Values, and a Bright Vision for the Future, Regency Supply is Poised for Growth and Expansion

CHATSWORTH, CA – Businesses in need of commercial lighting and electrical supplies or project support will begin relying on a new name in the industry: Regency Supply. Regency Lighting and AllSale Electric, two names known for experience and service, are now operating as a single company under this new brand. The unified brand casts a vision for the future of the company and gives clarity around what customers can expect from a partner focused on “making supply easier.”

Changing company names that carry a rich history of values, expertise, and stories for over 40 years is not something the owners of Regency Supply have taken lightly. For family-owned companies, the name often carries an element of identity, and this situation is no different. But for the ownership team, the trajectory of the company’s growth is tied to the new name.

Evan Regenstreif, co-owner and CEO of Regency Supply, offers his perspective: “As second- generation owners for the company, the change initially felt bitter-sweet for us because of the legacy that these names represent. But as we look ahead, we are excited about the opportunity this new name brings. We remain committed to preserving the things that make us who we are — our people, our values, and our customers — while strategically investing in the growth of thecompany.”

Regency Lighting made its foray into the wholesale electrical distribution market with the acquisition of AllSale Electric in 2015. Over the last eight years, its approach has been to learn the finer points of the industry while prioritizing company culture.

The company already held a trusted name for specialty lighting products and services with national accounts, local businesses, real estate developers, and architects, so this investment in electrical expertise has opened new doors. With a strong presence of counter locations in the Southern California market, expertise in switchgear, and growing online tools, the company has become a trusted electrical partner for contractors and developers alike.

In fact, the growth of product and service offerings enabled the company to weather the challenging economic climate of the last few years, emerging stronger and more focused than ever.

The leadership team viewed the challenges of recent years as an opportunity to refine their view on what kind of growth they want to achieve. “We’re intent on growing well,” explains Judah Regenstreif, co-owner and president. “We have a track record of delivering consistent value for our customers, our sales and operations teams have greater alignment than ever, and we are poised for an exciting level of growth as we look ahead.”

Over the coming months, the Regency Supply team will continue to invest in streamlining operations, enabling customers to purchase lighting and electrical supplies more efficiently than before. This includes maintaining strategic local inventory to support projects, making finding and ordering products easier, and making communication across teams more streamlined.

But if the idea of making supply easier still seems like a daunting task, you are right. The industry is complex, products are being discontinued and replaced constantly, and supply chain issues persist.

Scott Anderson, co-owner and president, shares his view on the challenge: “What does it look like to make supply easier? This is a question we continue to wrestle with because we believe that solving challenges for our customers is a strategic priority. We’ve invested in project management tools, online ordering, and educational resources to help make customers’ jobs easier. As Regency Supply, we remain committed to finding innovative ways to serve our customers.”

With the firm belief that this new name brings opportunity and growth for both Regency Supply’s customers and employees, what will truly separate them from other companies in the market?

The owners of Regency Supply are answering this by doubling down on the aspects of the company they are preserving. “Our R.I.S.E. values of Relationship, Integrity, Service, and Expertise will always be our north star for how we operate. As we add product lines, locations, and services, we know that our values are what truly differentiate us,” states co-owner and COO, Isaac Regenstreif.

About Regency Supply

Regency Supply is a family-owned national lighting and electrical distributor committed to making supply easier for customers as they navigate this complex and rapidly changing industry. The company has over 40 years of expertise, strategic warehouse locations coast-to-coast, and local counter locations in Southern California. Its solutions include lighting and electrical supply, architectural lighting design services, new construction and remodel support, lighting retrofits, and project management support. For more information, please visit