tED Magazine Announces: electrifiED; Will Sunset lightED

NAED Launches New Website

tED Magazine to Sunset lightED 

“LightED, under Scott Costa’s leadership, has done a great job in covering lighting news from an Electrical Distributor perspective.”–Editor

I was sad to read on the TED website that tED magazine will sunset lightED. Launched in July 2017, lightED has been a dedicated resource for LED lighting news and developments. However, seven years later, tED magazine is ready to transition to a new opportunity.

Starting 1 July, lightED will be replaced by a new website called electrifiED. This new platform will focus exclusively on electrification efforts throughout the supply chain, featuring exclusive research by NAED on electrification and government decisions and spending in this area. This shift marks a new chapter for tED magazine, promising to keep the industry informed about this multi-billion dollar opportunity.

The announcement states that this change does not mean that tED magazine is stepping away from covering the lighting industry’s news. All stories from lightED will be moved to tedmag.com, ensuring continued access to valuable content. Additionally, tED magazine will maintain its partnership with the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast. Those podcasts will also transition to tedmag.com, with one podcast featured in the digital edition of tED magazine each month. 

The transition to electrifiED represents a strategic move to embrace electrification’s growing importance while continuing to serve the lighting community with comprehensive coverage and unique insights.

On a personal note, I hope they are serious about continuing their coverage of lighting. LightED, under Scott Costa’s leadership, has done a great job covering lighting news from an Electrical Distributor perspective. That need will continue. The lighting industry is big and ever-evolving, and there is plenty of room for NAED to cover it, as well as room for new entrants.  

Read the announcement from lightED here.